Attorney Gen Speaks Hard Truths About Biden Policies: ‘Dumbest Things’ To Come From Washington

The ridiculousness of Biden’s many executive orders and immigration policies have reached outside of the political spectrum and motivated everyday citizens to come forward in protest. In Arizona, we’ve heard from rancher’s first hand how Biden’s free-for-all call to illegal immigrants has impacted his local community.

Now, Arizona’s own Attorney General has launched not one, but two lawsuits against the administration. The first was an attempt to thwart Biden’s damaging efforts to flood states with immigrants seeking to utilize taxpayer-funded programs, like hosing. It was upheld by a judge but as of February 28th, nothing has stood in Biden’s way.

The AG, Mark Brnovich has again launched another lawsuit aiming to block Biden’s immigration policies, this time he was joined by Montana who have also begun to feel the financial strains of taking on so many undocumented immigrants. Brnovich called Biden’s policies “the dumbest things” to come from Washington.

Brnovich, filed the lawsuit in February at the U.S. District Court in Phoenix, becoming the second state, after Texas, to sue Homeland Security over the new guidance. A federal judge in Texas had already halted the policy three days after it took effect on January 22. The issue is now back up for debate since the order expired at the end of February.

“It is unconscionable for DHS to release potentially dangerous detainees into our state, especially when no efforts are made to coordinate with applicable courts and probation departments. I am asking the court to enforce the law,” Brnovich said in a written statement.

He wasn’t wrong, as we reported previously, many border towns are being flooded with immigrants that not been properly vetted by DHS. During an interview with Fox, Brnovich said that Biden’s orders are the “dumbest all-time things” to come out of Washington.

Just yesterday in a courtroom, a federal judge in Texas had asked the Biden Department of Justice what was going on with deportations. He said literally there have been people that have been convicted of felonies that are in prison, that are set for deportation, that wanted to be deported, and the administration is refusing to deport them.

It’s really unconscionable. This has to be one of the dumbest all-time things coming out of Washington, D.C.

We know the cartels are taking advantage of this kind of chaos that’s going on. And so I’m just here [as] the canary in the coal mine, to tell everyone this is not only going to affect the border states, this is going to impact the entire country. I mean, it’s going to harm all of us.


In his efforts to roll back all-things Trump, Biden has created a hazardous overflow of immigrants that the US economy may not be able to accommodate. He has also inadvertently reignited dangerous conditions for children at the border. As the hoards continue to pour in, many are traveling with children who are later left at the border once they’ve ‘severed their purpose’ in helping the accompanying adult gain entry.

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