Biden Blanks On Teleprompter Script: ‘I’m Not Gonna Even Try’

At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in San Francisco on Thursday, President Joe Biden found himself facing an embarrassing challenge. Instead of delivering a well-rehearsed speech, he spent more than ten seconds staring at his teleprompter and deciding whether to attempt to pronounce something one of his speechwriters had written.

In the end, he gave up, saying, “I’m not gonna even try.” As the APEC audience laughed nervously, Biden attempted to justify his decision, saying, “It’s better not to try and not mispronounce than try and mispronounce.”

RNC Research shared a 22-second video clip on X, formerly Twitter, of Biden’s comedic attempt. “Biden’s brain malfunctions in real time: ‘I’m gonna mispronounce. I’m not gonna even try,’” they posted with the clip.

NBC employee Scott Budman, on the other hand, acted as though he hadn’t seen the tweet, tweeting his own take on the event. He wrote, “President Biden to the APEC CEO Summit: ‘It’s never been a good bet to bet against America. Because of us, there’s been peace in the Pacific Region.’ Says he will mispronounce ‘Anthropic,’ (crowd laughs) but talks up AI growth here.”

However, Biden didn’t actually say he would mispronounce Anthropic. In fact, he spoke softly, as if unsure of it, before opting against attempting a pronunciation of whatever came after it on the teleprompter. Budman’s mistake appears to be a result of his ingrained habit of trying to smooth over Biden’s deficiencies, suggesting that more people have finally noticed or accepted them.

The comedic moment may be somewhat enjoyable, but Biden’s blatant mismanagements – both past and present – are a much more serious concern. For example, Biden has enriched himself and his family at public expense. He even went as far as to attempt to punish former President Donald Trump for his actions as president, attempting to ruin his reputation and harming the voters that supported him. In light of his record, it is difficult to feel genuine sympathy for the president.


Ultimately, what we witnessed on Thursday was not a comedic moment but an indication that Biden cannot be trusted to make decisions and stand by them. His sinking poll numbers are evidence of this, and yet he still believes he can push his agenda and remain in office. It is more likely, however, that his lack of intelligence and inability to follow through will cause issues for his candidacy long before now.

This would be funny if this turnip wasn’t supposed to be the leader of the free world…


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