Biden’s $40B FU To Americans Falls Flat- For Now! [Details]

A $40 billion aid package to fortify Ukraine’s defenses against the Russian invasion won’t reach Joe Biden’s desk this week, with one senator’s objections stalling the legislation. Rand Paul is the Senator with his foot in the door. The Bill passed the House with ease but Paul threw a wrench in Democrat’s plans. The bill is a big fat $40 billion dollar FU to Americans who are struggling under inflation and combating Biden’s many crises.

Such as the lack of baby formula on shelves—Even though Democrats had no issue restocking border facilities with formula, Americans still struggle to find enough to feed their children.

“Baby formula supplies have dipped below 50% in a handful of states so naturally, as the crisis worsens without an immediate solution in sight, Democrats will take a look at it…in two weeks,” Managing Editor Spencer Brown tweeted, adding, “E&C Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) said the ‘nationwide infant formula shortages are increasingly alarming and demand Congress’ immediate attention,’ and then scheduled a hearing — not actual action — for May 25th.”

So Biden won’t get his $40 billion handouts to Ukraine but officials are still not addressing the formula crisis and have no plans to open talks until May 25th.

“These hearings should’ve happened two months ago… Where’s @ChrisPappasNH and the rest of the Pelosi Congress?” New Hampshire Congressional candidate Matt Mowers asked.

Tag Strategies VP Erin Perrine added, “It would have been good to have this hearing a couple of months ago and not in two weeks. Families are struggling RIGHT NOW to get baby formula. Democrats are failing to meet another crisis facing Americans. Classic.”

The supply issue with formula has been an ongoing and growing problem since the first of the year. One thing that I would like to point out is that the Trump administration managed the WORST days of the pandemic with speed. Stores that ran out of supplies during the height of panic only did so until the next truck run. This isn’t a matter of panic buying, though, and should have been addressed months ago.

I guess they’re too busy stamping out other Biden fires to bother with making sure American babies are fed.

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