Biden’s Blunder Made North Korea More Dangerous

The world’s attention has been on Afghanistan and Biden’s attempt at evacuating the country. So we missed it when North Korea upped the ante and started making plutonium. We clearly should have stopped them from getting nuclear capabilities. They are now a threat since they have intercontinental missiles.

Since early July 2021, there have been indications, including the discharge of cooling water, consistent with the operation,” the International Atomic Energy Agency report said of the reactor at Yongbyon, a nuclear complex at the heart of North Korea’s nuclear program.

More plutonium could help North Korea make smaller nuclear weapons to fit on its ballistic missiles, said David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security.

“The bottom line is North Korea wants to improve the number and quality of its nuclear weapons,” he added.

While intelligence on North Korean nuclear weapons is limited, making it impossible to know their number, Albright estimated the country had the capacity to produce material for four to six bombs a year.

The report “underscores the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy” the White House said on Monday.”

No way to know why the reactor wasn’t operating previously – although work has been ongoing on the water reservoir over the past year to ensure sufficient water for the cooling systems,” she said.”

It’s starting to look like Biden is welcoming an attack on American soil. He is making us look weak with his dementia and inability to properly execute operations. Biden has only been the president for about half a year and he has already made some infamous mistakes. He created the border crisis almost immediately after taking office and then there is the Afghanistan evacuation, which made us look incompetent. Our adversaries see this too and they have been taking advantage of our weakened state. That’s why North Korea just made itself a nuclear power and Iran is on the same path. Biden is dropping the ball big time and I just hope our country can persevere until 2024.

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