Bill Maher Slams AOC And Throws Down The Gauntlet

This is just how extreme the Left is, Maher is now the voice of reason for Dems. This time he bashed Dems for talking down to white people that didn’t vote for them. He explained how stupid it is to call any voter that doesn’t agree with you a white supremacist. He also gave AOC hell for trying to disassociate herself from the term that she practically coined “Woke.” Maher then did the one thing to destroy any sort of rebuttal from AOC, he asked her to come on his show.

“You’re alienating a whole lot of people, particularly whites without a college degree, which is most of them in a country that is still 70% white. I’d say, ‘Do the math,’ but math is a form of white supremacy,” Maher joked.

Maher on AOC ditching the term “woke”.

“What?! This is a term folks like you brought out very recently, had been proudly displaying it every march since. Just last year, the Guardian declared ‘woke’ the ‘word of our era.’ I guess they didn’t get the memo from the ‘Mean Girls Club,'” Maher hit back.

“What a great strategy, never missing an opportunity to remind voters how lame and clueless and hopelessly uncool they are, especially since those are the ones who actually vote,” Maher continued. “But OK, fine. What word would you like us to use for the plainly insane excesses of the left that are not liberalism but something completely different? Because you can’t have that word ‘liberal’ from us and think it should cover things like canceling [Abraham] Lincoln, and teaching third-graders they’re oppressors. That’s all your new-think.”

“That’s when Maher issued Ocasio-Cortez an invitation to appear on his show to discuss the issue, but predicted that will “never happen.”

“But that will probably never happen because Democrats don’t go anywhere these days where they’re not being pre-adored,” Maher said.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Maher is right, I doubt AOC will ever come on his show when he is being this honest about her stupidity. We have all seen how she usually reacts, with Ben Shapiro asking her to debate. AOC claimed he was being sexist and cat-calling. She then proceeded to get numerous other offers from conservative women who called her out for the lame excuses. It was crickets from AOC after that.

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