Bill Maher Swings At Pro-Groomer Liberals In Epic Rant

Everyone watch out for ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher. I’m willing to bet he becomes the next Dave Chappelle and I don’t mean he’ll be back doing stand-up. Maher, a die-hard liberal, has made some huge changes over the years, or maybe it’s his party that changed? Either way, Maher is making liberals big mad and might end up attacked, like Chappelle, for daring to be the voice of reason on the left.

During his show, Maher ripped into the creepy groomers on the left who have been force-feeding the trans movement to small children.

Maher noted that there is a crazy increase in the trans population, then asked if people are allowed to see those increases and ask: ‘What’s up with that?’

‘It wasn’t that long ago that when adults asked children what they wanted to be when they grew up, ‘They meant what profession,’ Maher said.

He then suggests that the number of LGBTQ Americans had risen so sharply, that a recent ACLU finding claimed abortion rights bans would affect LGBTQ people more than cisgender women giving birth— I know, nuts, right?

‘Someone needs to say it – not everything’s about you. It’s okay to ask questions about something very new,’ Maher said.

Maher also noted how there really is no LGBTQ anymore, it’s all trans all the time.

‘That’s where we are now – gay men are not hip enough for a Gay Pride parade. Gay is practically cis, and cis is practically Mormon,’ he said, showing a photo of Senator Mitt Romney.

Maher then suggested the number of people identifying as LGBTQ is ‘trendy’ because teenagers like to challenge ‘the squares who brought you up’ and wondered why he saw so many transgender children in his home in California but not in Youngstown, Ohio, or the rest of the country.

He said that granting children’s requests for puberty blockers and genital surgery makes them part of a culture war they shouldn’t be a part of.

‘Never forget children are impressionable and very, very stupid,’ Maher said. ‘A boy who thinks he’s a girl maybe is just gay – or whatever [the television character] ‘Frasier’ was

‘And maybe, if life makes you sad, there are other solutions than hand me the d**k saw,’ he added.

‘I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery,’ he concluded.


They’re out of control with the trans movement. I shudder at the thought of what will happen with this new generation 10-20 years from now when they’re forced to deal with the consequences of all of this for the rest of their lives.

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