BLM/Progressives Pissed After Biden Changes Course

Biden has been passing progressive to the point that socialist AOC claimed it was beyond their greatest expectations. But now he is going against the Liberal narrative a bit or more so changing the heading and some radicals are pissed. Biden is now suggesting that states use pandemic relief aid to hire more police officers.

“In a Monday memo, Team Biden urged state and local leaders to use some of their $350 billion in pandemic relief aid to “put more police officers on the beat” and said cops should be hired “above pre-pandemic levels” in areas experiencing a surge in gun crime.”

New York State Sen. Jabari Brisport (D-Brooklyn) told the New York Post that “Since the last election the moderates have been moving away from it.” Brisport was trying to say that embracing law enforcement would bring consequences from his perennially restive comrades.

“I think hiring more cops after we just saw the largest protest our nation has ever seen against police violence is extremely tone-deaf and does not build the base and will probably hurt us in the 2022 elections,” Brisport added.”

BLM is pissed about being abandoned by the same Dems that last year wholeheartedly supported them.

The National Movement for Black Lives denounced the funding in a statement as “immoral” and a “slap in the face to the millions of Black, Brown, Asian, and LGBTQ+ people who voted this administration into office.”

“Joe Biden wants to hire more police officers because he is the same segregationist that fought for the Crime Bill. He never cared about us. Kamala Harris’ job was to arrest us and put us in jail,” added Hawk Newsome, a former Black Lives Matter leader in New York City. “They have deceived us once again.”

But really, it looks like Biden is just looking for more police so that they can help him enforce his likely highly restrictive Gun Control policies. So on the bright side more police on the streets deterring crime, which our country desperately needs, and we will soon find out the cost.

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