Blue State Prisons Are Protecting Rapists In Fear Of Litigation

Another fine example of just how messed up the Blue States are. Prisons on the west coast have been allowing men who claim they are women to enter female prisons. The confused male doesn’t have to be chemically castrated or post-op, he just has to claim he is a woman. So as you may have guessed, female prisoners are being attacked by these male prisoners that claim to be female and it gets worse. In a Washington Prison, the guards are covering up for the rapes and sexual assaults these trans predators are committing. When female inmates try to report their bad behavior the prison is trying to hide it, fearing they will be sued if they come down on the trans predators.

At the Washington Corrections Center for Women, formerly the only exclusively female jail in Washington state, multiple biological male inmates who identify as women have sexually exploited female residents, according to a former inmate who spoke to National Review.

The former female inmate of many years, who chose to remain anonymous, described witnessing and hearing of multiple episodes of sexual assault by convicted transgender felons. The woman herself also says she was sexually assaulted by a transgender inmate.

One transgender inmate in particular — a biological male named Jonathan, who now goes by the name “Jazzy” — was accused of sexual assault in multiple complaints filed with prison staff by female inmates. In one case, a female inmate woke up in bed to find Jazzy with an obvious erection “touching her all over,” according to the anonymous former inmate. (The prison denies having any complaints on file that resemble those described by the inmate.)

The woman reported the incident to staff, but when they confronted Jazzy about the charge against him, he “turned on the waterworks,” the inmate said. Dodging responsibility, Jazzy called the woman he wronged “homophobic” and accused her of “gaslighting.”

The inmate said that in sexual misconduct proceedings, prison staff favors the transgender arrivals by default in order to avoid discrimination litigation. The facility, therefore, sheltered male predators, incentivizing them to commit more harm, she alleged. WCCW often dismissed females’ claims of sexual assault against transgender perpetrators, in some cases penalizing them, rather than the aggressor, for crying wolf on prison rape, the inmate said. Jazzy’s was no exception.

The woman Jazzy assaulted got in trouble for making a “fake PREA claim” and was subsequently sent to “segregation” per disciplinary protocol, the inmate said. Standing for “Prison Rape Elimination Act,” a falsified PREA claim is addressed by removing the problematic prisoner from the general population for their disruptive behavior, the inmate said. The female was separated but Jazzy didn’t receive so much as a reprimand, the inmate claimed. If found guilty at a subsequent hearing, prisoners can incur a loss of “good time,” or forfeiture of a sentence reduction, and can have other privileges revoked, including special food packages not available at the prison commissary, union supply bundles with basic amenities, and gym access and recreation time.

Scott Fleming, a former corrections officer at WCCW, previously told National Review that some male offenders take advantage of the transgender transfer policy just so they can be housed with women. The inmate affirmed that some male criminals with questionable gender-dysphoria diagnoses manipulate the system, which errs on the side of accepting their claims.”

This should be expected you don’t put a fox in the hen house and then get angry when it attacks the chickens. These confused men should never have been given the opportunity to join females in the first place.

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