Bombshell Report Shows China Hid COVID For Almost A Year

This is the kind of stuff that would have come out last year if it were not for Dems trying to stop Trump from helping Americans. A new report is showing that the Chinese have been dealing with the Wuhan flu for far longer than we originally thought, which just points to how negligent China is.

The report — titled “Procuring for a Pandemic: An Assessment of Hubei Province PCR Procurement Contracts” — shows that the government in China was buying up testing related to the coronavirus much earlier than the officially recognized beginning of the pandemic.

An initial view of the data depicts the dramatic increase of PCR procurement contracts in 2019,” the report says. “The increase was present in both the contract total value and the number of contracts.”

PCR tests are the gold standard for COVID-19 virus testing and if there was spike in the use of those tests in the Spring of 2019, as the report suggests, that could mean the timeline for when the virus was actually spreading in the wild would dramatically shift: from December 2019 to as early as May 2019.

Among other things, there was a dramatic increase in the total amount of money spent on these tests in and around Wuhan, in Hubei province, the report said. In 2015, institutions there spent about 19.1 million yuan ($2.9 million) on PCR tests. Two years later, in 2017, they spent about 29.1 million yuan and in 2018, institutions around Wuhan spent 36.7 million on these tests.

But when analysts looked at the spending in 2019, the government contract value for PCR tests was higher than the previous two years combined: 67.4 million yuan. (The tests got more expensive, which also suggests they got pricer as demand went up, the report says.)”

So that means if they had asked for help back then, we might’ve been able to stop it from spreading across the globe. But instead, they caused this pandemic and Dems helped them cover up their part by refusing to listen to Trump.

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