Breaking: Obama-Biden Official Destroys Lib’s Anti- Voter Laws Narrative [Video]

Democrats and their lamestream media machine would love to make people believe that Georgia’s lateral move to secure voting in their state is somehow racially motivated. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, what the state has done, requiring identification to participate in voting, isn’t even uncommon.

A former Obama-Biden official and CNN analyst explained just that during a podcast on the “Axe Files”. Host, David Axelrod, asked John Boehner, former senior strategist for Obama, to share his thoughts on the matter. ”

Boehner told host David Axelrod, “This Georgia law, when you look at it, they really didn’t do much of anything. And this outrage about the Georgia law, I’m still just scratching my head. Because a lot of people were talking about it who know none of the facts! And I just think – so anyway, it’s a normal process that’s going on.”

Axelrod tried to carry on the narrative but ultimately failed, “Just on the Georgia thing, one of the things that struck me. I don’t disagree with you that some of the things have been – You know, it’s not the new Jim Crow. But it’s clearly designed – it’s not designed to ensure that the largest number of people participate in elections. And part of it was to hand over, essentially, and over to the state legislature kind of supervisory or oversight power that would allow them to overrule local election authorities. You can’t think that’s a good idea?”

Boehner admitted that he does not live in Georgia but he knows better than most how these things work. Telling Axelrod, “I don’t know their system inside and out. But listen, I’ve been involved in enough election disputes. I used to be in the House Administration Committee. We used to look into disputes. And I tell you what, there were some places around the country that have local election officials, I was appalled.”

Hoehner concluded, “Georgia – trying to have greater accountability by the election officials. It’s a good idea. Now, how they do it, that’s their issue.”


It might seem strange to some that Georgia has been dominating the news since before Biden clawed his way into office. However, Democrats have wanted to flip the red state for ages. Now that there is a majority of Democrats in the Senate and House, plus the two newly blue seats in Georgia- they stand a chance of succeeding.

Or did, until lawmakers moved to protect voter integrity.

And THAT’S why they’re mad.


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