Californian Mayor Sees The Light, Moves To Undo Damaging Liberal Policy

Whoa, true blue state libs that can learn, I thought those were a myth. Oakland, California was like most liberal areas of the country last year, they defunded their police department giving in to BLM and their frankly stupid demand. But after months of increased levels of crime and countless victims, Mayor Libby Schaaf finally put two and two together, realizing that they do in fact need to properly fund the police.

In a reversal of plans to divert funding from police to social services, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said Monday that she’ll push to reverse planned cuts to the city’s police department and seek to quickly hire more officers amid a spike in violence and homicides that has left some residents afraid to leave their homes.

The mayor’s announcement came after a weekend in which three people were killed, including a retired police officer acting as a security guard for a television news crew, bringing the number of homicides to 127 so far this year.

To address the violence, Schaaf said she’ll ask the city council to reverse funding cuts scheduled to take effect next year, though she still supports diversion efforts.

“When those messages and services are not effective … the consequences must be swift and certain,” Schaaf told reporters Monday on a Zoom call.”

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong held a separate press conference, saying, “I’m asking council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city.’

From New York City to Los Angeles — in cities that had some of the largest Black Lives Matter protests, and some with an extensive history of police brutality — police departments are seeing their finances partially restored in response to rising homicides, an officer exodus, and political pressures.”

I don’t know why it took her so long. I guess since she is in a true blue state she was worried they would ostracize her for it. But her community has needed this for almost a year now. Her constituents should realize that Schaaf was in the wrong and they need a better leader, but seeing as they vote in Libs non-stop, she is probably their best bet considering she can make rational decisions even if they are a year late.

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