Can You Guess Why Liberal ‘The View’ Host Changed Her Gun-Grabbing Stance?

Progressives are constantly hating on guns and the second amendment. They call for the disarming of Americans almost after every tragedy. They blame the guns as opposed to the obvious mental illness that the deranged shooter is suffering from. The ladies on “The View”, aside from McCain, usually join in with the Liberal’s anti-gun agenda but in a surprising turn of events, Sonny Hostin is now advocating for guns, claiming they help black people protect themselves…

“So Sunny more guns, more guns, why do you think more Black Americans, in particular, are buying guns? And do you think that will lead to gun control? Behar asked broaching the subject of guns.

“Well, it certainly led to gun control during the 60s and 70s when the Black Panthers started open carrying in California,” Hostin started her reply. “Definitely, Regan responded and other politicians responded by cracking down on guns…And I will say anecdotally a lot of my friends and family members have begun to purchase guns. They’ve begun gun training and I think a lot of it has to do with the increase in violence against black people. The crackdown against black people.

If you listen to the FBI statistics, we had FBI Director Wray testify that the greatest threat in the United States is white supremacy, and who are the victims of white supremacy? Generally, they are African Americans. So I really believe that is why you are seeing African Americans now buying guns and arming themselves and protecting themselves. The second amendment is for everyone.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Last year Hostin claimed: “more guns do not make people safe.” So I guess now that she feels black people are being targeted, which they are not, she thinks guns are good.

The White House is trying to change history here when it comes to crime stats. They claim they were already on the rise before the riots and defunding of the police last year. But multiple news sources reported on the significant increase in crime rates and cities that cut funding the police greatly suffered. So there is a clear correlation between cutting police funding and the increase in crime, it’s just that the Biden Administration is trying to cover for BLM and their destructive defund the police rhetoric.

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