Chinese Pilot Sends A Chilling Message To Taiwan

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Dems claimed that we are back to normal and that our allies are all appreciating the change from Trump. But more importantly and concerning, our enemies also seem to be taking advantage of the change. China in particular is showing how little they respect the Biden Administration and it is showing especially with Taiwan. A Chinese Pilot just let Taiwan know how China felt about the island country during a recent exchange. The Chinese pilot was being warned that it had entered Taiwanese and the pilot responded: “This is all ours.”

According to a recording carried by newspapers in Taipei and acquired by Newsweek, the exchange between pilots from the Republic of China Air Force and PLA Air Force took place at 10:04 a.m. local time after the Chinese warplane flew into Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

Taipei’s interceptor aircraft, which was not identified in local reports, dispatched a standard radio warning to its Chinese counterpart: “This is the Republic of China Air Force. The Chinese military aircraft currently flying at 6,000 meters in Taiwan’s southwestern airspace, you have entered our airspace and are affecting aviation safety. Turn around and leave immediately.”

The reply which came a few seconds later was brief, with the response in Chinese saying: “This is all ours.”

“Taiwan National Defense Researcher Hung Tzu-Chieh, claims China appears to be getting ready for future conflicts.

“The impression that the PLA is stepping up preparations for future conflicts and wars has increased recently (or at least the PLA wants us to think in that way).”

It’s no secret that China is looking to invade Taiwan and do to it what it has already done to Hong Kong. Last week, Admiral John Aquilino, Biden’s pick to lead America’s Indo-Pacific Command, said China could be in a position to invade “much closer than most think.” Earlier this month Admiral Philip Davidson said he expected it could come “in the next six years.”

It is essential that the United States maintain Taiwanese independence. Taiwan represents a lynchpin of America’s Indo-Pacific security strategy, and increasingly, its overall strategy to contain China’s hegemonic ambitions. Taiwan is the “crown jewel” of the First Island Chain; its defense against mainland invasion is viewed as necessary to retarding Chinese militarization of the Indo-Pacific and preventing China from achieving its stated goal of eventual reunification.”

Any sustained military action taken to defend Taiwan will require the domestic support of the American public. The doctrine of “strategic ambiguity” and the absence of a legally binding security guarantee effectively makes strong domestic support the de facto backbone upholding the credibility of America’s defense of Taiwan. This support is critical both to preventing and winning the war. China knows that an attack on Japan is tantamount to an attack on the U.S. by virtue of America’s security guarantee; this formal treaty is thus a fixed and immovable pillar of our deterrent credibility.

The lack of such a firm defense commitment to Taiwan conversely makes our deterrent posture more fluid than fixed, susceptible to the ebbs and flows of domestic political considerations and shifting public support. Whichever American President is misfortunate enough to govern during a Chinese invasion of Taiwan will have little formal basis upon which to justify American military intervention; instead, he or she will have to rely on the public’s willingness to commit troops and expend resources over an unknown period of time.

Strengthening the public’s commitment to defending Taiwan is critical to bolstering our deterrent credibility in the Indo-Pacific against an increasingly expansive and adventuristic China. China must not think that the U.S. will to fight is anything but durable and sustained, immune to partisan fracture or the pressures of prolonged conflict.”

China has been stepping out of line even more than usual and we really look vulnerable with a president that can’t do a Press conference without a cheat sheet. Dems were so concerned about getting rid of Trump that they failed to choose a capable candidate to even run against him. I would rather think that the Dems rigged the presidential election than believe that Americans could possible vote in this senile man who puts our country at risk everytime speaks.

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