City Says ‘Good Riddance’ To Woke Mayor- She Throws In The Towel

Atlanta Georgia bid farewell to its super woke liberal mayor after she takes back her bid for reelection. Mayor Keisha Bottoms recanted her original statement from January 2020 that she would run again for mayor- but the pandemic and failed lockdown measures put pressure on the mayor to step aside.

Like many liberal lawmakers in 2020, Bottoms chose to follow New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and defied both President Trump and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Bottoms chose to force Atlanta residents to follow strict lockdown measures while the rest of the state remained open. Now that her hero, Cuomo, is under fire and those measures proved pointless- the mayor is standing down.

In a letter she tweeted Thursday evening, Bottoms outlined some of the challenges and accomplishments her administration has faced.

“As Derek and I have given thoughtful prayer and consideration to the season now before us, it is with deep emotions that I hold my head high, and choose not to seek reelection,” Bottoms said in the letter that starts of with the greeting, “Dear Atlanta.”

“It is my sincere hope that over the next several months, a candidate for Mayor will emerge whom the people of Atlanta may entrust to lead our beloved city to its next and best chapter,” she added.

“As I have done each day over the many years in which I have served in public office, through the remainder of my term, I will make every decision, keeping what is best for our communities top of mind, and will continue to work diligently to improve the lives of those in our city,” she said.


Last year, Bottoms and Gov Kemp have locked in a lawsuit thanks to Bottoms’ defiance. However, Kemp did eventually drop the suit, the damage was already done to Bottoms’ political career:
“I sued the City of Atlanta to immediately stop the shuttering of local businesses and protect local workers from economic instability,” Kemp explained in a statement. Much of the state has remained open since the beginning of the pandemic and compared to many shuttered states, Georgia has faired pretty well, so far. This left many in Atlanta faced with a financial crisis outraged at the Mayor’s inability to lead.

The AJC speculated that Bottoms will likely find a position in Washington. Joining the Biden administration and their fight to grab power away from the GOP. There have not been any reports, as of yet, that could verify that claim.

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