Watch: Congressman Says Officials Need More ‘Body Bags’ Thanks To Biden

There is no doubt that what is happening with the current administration at the southern US border is inhuman but you may be shocked to know that it’s proving to be insanely fatal for border crossers. Biden’s open border policies has created a sick situation both in and outside of the detention centers that further driven this crisis into a cruel and disgusting rhelm.

Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales made a shocking claim on ‘Wake Up America’, saying that the supplies he gets asked for the most from judges in his district are body bags:

“My [county] judges are asking for one thing in particular,” Gonzales said. “I sit in front of them and I go, ‘If I can do one thing for you, what would that be?’ And this is the ask I’m getting. They go, ‘Tony, we need more body bags.’ And I’m going, ‘Body bags? Why do you need body bags?’ They go, ‘Migrants are dying at record numbers, and we don’t have body bags to handle the situation.’

“That’s what is happening on the ground,” Gonzales added.

The migration crisis along the southwestern border shows little sign of slowing down. On Wednesday, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that they had stopped more than 180,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the frontier last month, the most in a single month since April of 2000. May also marked the third consecutive month of more than 170,000 apprehensions by CBP, the first time that has happened since January-April 2000.

NYP reported that historical trends indicate the number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border will slowly decrease in the summer months, officials are warning that more who do attempt the crossing will not make it.

“Typically our busiest months are July and August,” Stern said. “We’re not even there yet.”
All or part of six of the counties in Stern’s jurisdiction lie within Gonzales’ district, which stretches over 29 counties from Western San Antonio to the outskirts of El Paso and covers more than 800 miles of the border.

When asked how he felt about vice president Harris’s lack of effort, Gonzalez called her ‘disrespectful’. The tone-deaf politician has repeatedly ignored the pleas from the residents in border states.

“It’s disrespectful to districts like mine, it’s disrespectful to the people that live and work along the border that are having to deal with this crisis every single day …,” he said. “No member of Congress has been on the border more than I have. I’ve hosted 25 members, and I’ve never gotten any word from the vice president, or anyone from the administration, that wants to take any interest in what is happening.”


Gonzales told viewers that the administration “has no interest in solving this border crisis” and added that Congress needs to get off their butts and do their jobs again:

“Congress needs to lead again,” he said. “Congress needs to come together and find a way to solve this issue, because folks are tired of it. It’s unfair to everybody. It’s unfair to the law enforcement … it’s unfair to the citizens that are seeing these record number of migrants, and it’s unfair to the migrants. You know, these migrants are making very dangerous treks, and here’s the thing: The temperature is getting hotter, so it’s only gonna be more dangerous.”

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