Cruz Goes Ham On Kamala Harris Over Border “Visit”

Kamala Harris told NBC’s Lest Holt that she had been to the border and then after he corrected her she said “we’ve been to the border.” Holt corrected her again and she claimed so I haven’t been to Europe either… So she lied and then made an absurd comparison. But after Trump claimed he was going to the border Harris made a point to go down to Texas and went to a section of the border that does not have kids in cages. She also left after a quick appearance in front of the Press. Senator Cruz commented about her performance during an interview with Fox News Host Jesse Watters.

“Kamala Harris, I guess she kind of went to the border. She went to El Paso Texas which I think is 800 miles from the Rio Grande Valley where all of the action is. I think it’s about as far as New York is from Chicago. She was obviously under a lot of political pressure to go to the border. Do you think people are buying that this is actually going to do anything? I think it’s kind of insulting all of our intelligence, Senator.” Fox News’s Jesse Watters asked Senator Cruz.

“Well, it is,” Cruz replied. “She gave in to the political pressure. It’s been 93 days since she was appointed in charge of the border crisis. 93 days that’s over three months and in the whole time, she hadn’t been to the border once. She ran everywhere else she could go. She went to the Canadian border but not our southern border. Finally, after 93 days, she couldn’t take the criticism. She said alright let’s go to the border but how far away can I get from the kids in cages. What she really wanted to avoid. Look EL Paso… is not the epicenter of the crisis.”

“The epicenter of the crisis…is 800 miles away in the Rio Grande Valley,” Cruz continued. “The reason she didn’t go to the Rio Grande Valley is because that’s where the Biden cages are. That’s where you see cage after cage after cage of little boys and little girls on the floor, no beds, no mats, no cots, side by side one after the other after the other wrapped in reflective emergency blankets. That’s where you see facilities with a rate of COVID positivity of 10%. And what Kamala and Joe Biden desperately wanted to avoid is the TV cameras filming those kids in the Biden cages. So she went as far away as you can go in the state of Texas to say she went to the border…”

“And even more fundamentally… she had no solutions, she had no answers. She has caused this problem, Biden has caused this problem.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

As a leader of this country, she should have gone to an area in need and talked to the agents there to see what could be done to stop this border crisis. But the Biden Administration has no intention of stopping the border crisis. If they had they wouldn’t have dismantled all of Trump’s working policies. No, instead they want to overrun our country with illegals that they plan to add to their electorates.

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