CVS Reveals How They Really Feel About Americans

Businesses should stay out of politics. I get that they like to be trendy in order to get more customers, but this is not a trend anyone should be following. CVS is joining Leftists and has started teaching it’s employees the divisive Critical Race Theory. Former CEO Larry Merlo led the company to this divisive choice and even hosted a lecture for Critical Race Theory Advocate Ibram Kendi.

As a keynote for the initiative, Merlo—who has since retired—hosted a conversation with Boston University professor Ibram Kendi, who told 25,000 CVS employees that “to be born in [the United States] is to literally have racist ideas rain on our head consistently and constantly.”

A series of related training modules instructed employees to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, then rank themselves according to their “privilege… “The training asked CVS employees to circle their identities—including race, gender, sexuality, and religion—and then reflect on their “privilege” during the discussion. Examples of privilege, according to a checklist, included “celebrat[ing] Christmas,” “hav[ing] a name that is easy to pronounce,” “feel[ing] safe in your neighborhood at night,” and “feel[ing] confident in my leadership style.”

Another exercise, called “Say This, Not That,” provided employees with detailed racial etiquette “reference cards” to reorient their speech to the values of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Employees were told to cease using “problematic phrases,” including “I’m colorblind,” “I grew up poor,” “peanut gallery,” “I’m not racist,” and “we must stand up for minorities.” All these phrases, according to the training program, are racist microaggressions that minimize the existence of “systemic racism,” have a “racist history,” and “could be seen as discrediting the experiences of Black people and their culture.”

Well, Walmart has a pharmacy too and they are usually far cheaper. But it seems like a lot of companies are secretly teaching their employees this. It is only a matter of time until the theory overtakes the country. As it is teachers are already claiming they are going to teach it regardless of whether they are allowed to or not. Hence why homeschooling is becoming so popular.

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