Danish Immigration Minister Imprisoned For Combating Child Marriages

You would think she would be praised for this kind of thing, saving minors from the older men. But instead, Inger Stoejberg found herself in hot water after separating 23 couples. They called it a breach of human rights…

A former Danish immigration minister has been found guilty of illegally separating young asylum-seeking couples in a landmark impeachment trial.

Judges ruled Inger Stoejberg’s decision in 2016 to separate couples was unlawful and jailed her for 60 days.

Ms. Stoejberg said she was very surprised by the verdict as the policy was designed to combat child marriage.

The case was Denmark’s first impeachment trial in three decades and only the sixth in its history.

“It’s not just me who has lost but Danish values have lost too,” she told reporters outside the court, adding that she would accept her punishment but had no regrets.

Between 2015 to 2019, Ms. Stoejberg served as Denmark’s immigration minister in a center-right government propped up by the right-wing populist Danish People’s Party.

During her tenure, she took a hard line on immigration and introduced dozens of restrictions. Among them was an order in February 2016 that married refugees under 18 years old should not be accommodated with their spouse.

Ms. Stoejberg ordered the separation of 23 married couples before the policy was dropped a few months later.”

“The verdict cannot be appealed and the jail sentence is unconditional, meaning that it must be served.”

Investigations by both the ombudsman and a special commission concluded that their separation and others ordered by Ms. Stoejberg were illegal.

An ombudsman isĀ an official, usually appointed by the government, who investigates complaints.”

Under Danish and human rights law, each case must be assessed individually. This requirement had been ignored and therefore breached human rights, the investigations found.”

This definitely an odd one. Stoejberg was only trying to save these girls from the men that had been taking advantage of them. But the court apparently doesn’t see her actions for what they are, kind, and is instead punishing her, treating her like a criminal for standing up to the injustice of child marriages.

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