Dems Catch Texas Off Guard Secretly Start Indoctrinating State Employees

Gov Abbott is trying his best to prevent Illegals from entering our country via Texas. But it’s not easy work especially when the president is working against you. So while he is trying to uphold the law of our land, Libs have been secretly trying to spread their toxic theory. They started teaching Critical Race Theory Training for the Department of Family and Protective Service with CRT.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) required training that incorporated key tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT) for its employees, a whistleblower shared with Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines. The whistleblower, who opted for anonymity, provided materials associated with a required course for DFPS employees, “Knowing Who You Are.” Upon completing the course, employees were instructed to take a survey where they were rated based on how much they agreed with statements acknowledging institutional racism and white privilege, as well as their level of commitment to being a good social justice activist. DFPS has over 13,000 employees.

“A whistleblower inside the Texas government came to us to help end Critical Race Theory indoctrination that is being forced on state employees and is being paid for by you, the Texas taxpayer,” stated Huffines in a video. “They were told this was required as part of their employment [….] The people pushing this crap need to be fired, and on day one of my administration.”

While the training materials do not explicitly say “Critical Race Theory,” they do incorporate some of its tenets. Summarily, the course pushes the idea that race and ethnicity are essential to every aspect of life. It taught that the most improper level of racial and ethnic identification (REI), “relative unawareness,” doesn’t prescribe meaning or importance to racial or ethnic differences and doesn’t identify in a particular racial or ethnic group, while the most proper level of REI, “commitment,” is keenly aware of racial and ethnic differences, identifies as a member of a particular racial or ethnic group or groups, and understands that each group has its own positive and negative aspects.”

You just can’t let your guard down with these Libs. Unfortunately, Liberals are doing the same thing in schools and in major companies. They clearly want to divide the nation with their hateful, ‘America is racist’ and white people are the devil rhetoric.

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