Dems Change Spending Bill So IRS Can Only Spy Us If…

This is not better… Dems basically just reworded a part of their bill that allows the IRS to view our bank accounts. Originally it read anything over $600 but now it reads $10K + but over a year’s time… So everyone who has a job.

Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action for America, tried to explain the Dems reasoning.

“…the provision here is to give the IRS permission to look at any bank accounts that have more than, like you said, it was originally $600. Now they’ve bumped it up to $10,000 of money coming in and out over the course of a year. So yes, that probably applies to the majority, all Americans. What is actually the point? Why does the IRS need to be able to watch nearly every single American’s bank account? interviewer Virginia Allen Asked.

Anderson: Well, they shouldn’t. And it’s really unfortunate that Yellen actually articulated like that because … I personally think that regardless of the dollar amount, the principle of the IRS being able to reach in and snoop on your bank account and to monitor your transactions is not the role of the federal government. So even if this was, which it’s not, even if this was just targeted toward billionaires, why is that the role of the federal government anyway?

What they make should not open the door for a specific policy for one group or another. We should have policies that protect the freedoms of Americans because freedom is the bedrock of our American society. And so the more you drip away at that, you take away individual rights and you take away individual freedoms.

So what they’re setting up, I think, is another example of an institution that we have come to rely on in the United States that is being weaponized for political purposes. It started with the DOJ, the Department of Justice. We’re seeing some of it in the weaponization that [Attorney General Merrick] Garland is issuing to go after different state policies. We saw this with the Georgia election integrity bill, the Texas abortion bill. Now, the IRS. Why would we ever trust the IRS when we look at their history of specifically going after and hurting conservatives?

So we should not be giving more power to the federal government. We should not be giving more power to federal institutions. And this is just, I think, a blatant example of … a very twisted view of using our American institutions against us for their political means.”

Now this could be beneficial if it meant we could see what the Dems are doing and all of the dark money they are funneling in from George Soros and the like. But like most laws, Politicians will likely be excluded from the effects. and

Lawful Americans shouldn’t be under surveillance by the IRS. If Dems needs money to pay for more social programs and big government programs then they should cut spending, not look into our accounts to see where they can bleed us further.

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