Dems Want To Give Nearly A Million Non-Americans The Ability To Vote

That’s one way to get votes… Now, this is probably not legal but as we know that’s never stopped Dems when it comes to elections anyway. New York Dems are trying to pass legislation that would make it so 800k non-Americans can vote in upcoming elections. They feel they deserve the same rights as citizens… But they aren’t citizens…

New York City may soon permit hundreds of thousands of noncitizens to vote in municipal elections, while Mayor Bill de Blasio and his successor, Eric Adams, feel differently about the prospect.

The bill aims to amend the city’s charter by including a new chapter with provisions for allowing green card holders and those with work authorization to register to vote and take part in citywide elections through the creation of a separate municipal voter registration.

“We cannot be a beacon to the world and continue to attract the global talent, energy and entrepreneurship that has allowed our city to thrive for centuries if we do not give immigrants a vote in how this city is run and what our priorities are for the future,” Adams said in February, according to the New York Daily News.

De Blasio feels there are problems with this bill.

One, I don’t believe it is legal. Our law department is very clear on this,” the mayor said. “I really believe this has to be decided at the state level, according to state law.”

The other issue, he said, is that it undermines efforts to get people to become citizens.”

If we make it so that non-Americans have every right that citizens do, then we are watering down our voting power and our rights. Non-Americans should have no part in our elections until they are awarded citizenship. DeBlasio is right, for once, this does not seem legal in any way shape, or form.

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