Did This CRT Theorist Just Claim 3-Year-Olds Are Racist?

Liberals are trying to push Critical Race Theory into our schools regardless of whether parents want it or not. They want to shame white people for being evil colonizers when frankly no American alive today has colonized anything. CRT is just Liberal’s way to divide this country further and schools are just the beginning. They are now training companies to be more “woke.” Whistleblower David Johnson revealed that the toy company Hasbro is joining the CRT bandwagon, and it’s worse than we thought. They are teaching employees that babies are inherently racist.

Hasbro packaging engineer David Johnson shared internal training with Project Veritas, a right-wing guerrilla journalism organization. The training mimicked the teachings of Critical Race Theory and stated that kids “as young as two are already using race to reason about people’s behaviors.”

“We may see this play out in daycare or on the playgrounds and how kids are starting to choose or exclude playmates and friends,” the training claims.

The training continued to state that three, four, and five-year-olds can exemplify racial preferences and even show a “pro-white bias.”

“By age three, children are already starting to apply stereotypes, and research shows that they also may use racist language intentionally at this age,” the training said. “White children at this age may report explicit or overt negative attitudes towards people of color … By age four, kids are showing a strong and consistent pro-white anti-black bias.

“At the age of five, children show many of the same racial attitudes held by adults,” the training continued.”

Johnson, who is Black, told Hannity that as soon as he heard Conscious Kids co-founder Kate Ishizuka-Stephens claiming as fact that babies are inherently racist, that he needed to disseminate her comments to warn parents what might be soon presented to their children.

Johnson added that the reason he opposes critical race theory is that it runs counter to the values embodied by true civil rights icons like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

This is just sick. Liberals are forcing Critical Race Theory on our nation, and there is no reason for it. The system is not against black people and most people are not racist. This is just divisive. We should be trying to unite as a nation, not find reasons to split further apart. And I think this goes without saying babies and children are not racist.

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