Doocy Asks Psaki Why Border Csar Harris, Has Failed To Do Her Job

Fox News Correspondent Peter Doocy did not go easy on Press Secretary Psaki. Doocy asked how Border Csar Harris is supposedly going after “the root cause” of the border crisis when Guatemala’s president claims he hasn’t heard word one from Harris since June. They are not even trying to hide their lies now.

Doocy:   Okay.  Another topic: Is Vice President Harris still in charge of addressing the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala?

MS. PSAKI:  She is.  And I just announced a commitment that she’s announcing this afternoon.

Doocy:   So, then why is it that she has not spoken to the President of Guatemala since June?  That’s six months.

MS. PSAKI:  Well, I know that — I did see this kind of strange report from the President of Guatemala saying that he’s had no contact with the White House, which is inaccurate.

Doocy:    No, he didn’t say the Whi- — he said “Vice President Harris”; he has not spoken to her.  And if she’s in charge, why is that?

MS. PSAKI:  Well, we have had a range of conversations, Peter, I think as reflected in our readout we put out last week with our National Security Advisor, with the Vice President’s National Security Advisor, with our NSC Senior Director, Juan Gonzalez.  We put out an extensive readout of that just last week, and we’ll continue that high level of engagement.

This is a non-answer on Psaki’s part. The Guatemalan president explained that he had talked to U.S. officials already. But Harris is supposed to be heading the effort on fixing the border crisis and as expected, it looks like she was all talk, with her claims about getting to the root cause. It’s amazing, Biden is only half there 99% of the time and somehow he is doing more than Harris.

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