Doocy Checkmates Psaki: She Didn’t See That Coming

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy doesn’t go easy on Psaki as the MSM does. He gets to the heart of the issues. This time he asked Psaki about how many Haitians had been released into our country. Psaki was quick to try to defer the question to the DHS, but Doocy was ready for her.

Doocy: “You’re telling us that the DHS chief has the most recent numbers about how many of these Haitians under the bridge have been sent back and how many have been released into the U.S.  The DHS chief is telling us that he doesn’t know.  So, who else can we ask?”

MS. PSAKI:  “You can certainly ask the Department of Homeland Security.  I am confident, Peter —

Doocy: “The chief says he doesn’t know.”

MS. PSAKI:  “I am confident he wanted to have the most up-to-date numbers, and we will venture to get you those, I promise you, this afternoon.”

Doocy: “Is this an issue of not knowing, or is this an issue of a lot more people are being released into the U.S. than are being sent out?”

MS. PSAKI:  “That is certainly not the issue.  First, I think it’s important to reiterate what I conveyed earlier about what the actual process is: Individuals are expelled under Title 42.  If they can’t be expelled under Title 42, they are put into a removal process.  If they’re put into a removal process, they’re either transported to an ICE facility or released with a legal document.  That legal document includes fingerprints, photos, phone numbers, an address in the United States, and a background check.  That’s the process that transpires.  That’s a part of our immigration process, regardless of where you’re coming from.”

Doocy: “And just because you keep using Title 42 to defend this administration’s immigration policies: That is a Trump-era regulation.  You guys came in saying that the Trump-era immigration policy was very inhumane.”

MS. PSAKI: “Title 42 is not an immigration policy; it is a — it is a health authority, because we’re in the middle of a pandemic.  The Trump administration’s approach to immigration was inhumane and was immoral.  That’s why we need to put a new policy in place, and we need Congress to pass that policy.”

You know the DHS got a phone call right after that question was asked. But Doocy really got Psaki this time.  She was coming up with excuses for the DHS on the spot.

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