Fed Up CNN Liberal Strategist Finally Snaps On Biden: ‘ We Want’ Voters ‘Back In 2024’

Tuesday night’s losses for Democrats come down to a few things, divisive rhetoric, bad policies, and ignoring the concerns of voters. CNN political commentator and Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen slammed Biden for running off moderate and conservative voters by labeling them a ‘threat’ to democracy

She mocked the president for alienating voters when people are sick of the rhetoric. Biden gave closing arguments Monday night at Bowie State University, saying the U.S. faces “an inflection point.”

“We know in our bones that our democracy’s at risk and we know that this is your moment to defend it,” Biden said, according to Reuters. Biden has reiterated that message in recent weeks, saying “democracy itself” is on the ballot.

Rosen ripped into Biden for running voters away from the left and reminded Democrats that they’re going to need those voters in 2024—Which means, we are likely about to see some rhetorical changes over the next year. I’m almost willing to bet that the left will try to say conservatives were the divisive ones.

“Voters have told us all year what they care about, and I think we have focused on other things and I think the President’s closing message last night about democracy is on the ballot again is frustrating to people like me who, you know, don’t want to see half the voters in America alienated or being accused of aligning with fascists because they’re voting for their pocketbook,” Rosen said.

“That’s just not where want to be. We want these people. We want them back in 2024. We want them to feel good when they go to the ballot. We have a story to tell. We have a really good economic story to tell. The last time Republicans were in charge what was their economic plan? They gave away tax cuts to rich people and corporations.”


Mark my word, Democrats are known to blame others for acts that they’re caught committing or just outright denying any involvement—Just look at the now abandoned ‘defund’ movement.

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