Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Censoring Conservatives

Texas is single-handedly trying to take on Libs. They are constantly fighting Liberal policy, which is why Gov Abbott is doing Biden’s job for him right now when it comes to the border. One of the policies that Texas has been fighting, is the blatant discrimination social media sites, like Facebook, have been enacting against conservatives. Gov Abbott earlier this year signed in HB20, which leveled the playing field and was supposed to make Twitter and Facebook, free from politically biased censorship. A lawsuit was of course filed against this HB20.

This is what HB20 was all about:

The law prohibited social media platforms from banning, suspending or taking similar adverse actions against users based on their political viewpoint, and it similarly prevented platforms from politically-motivated removal of content. In addition, the law set up a complaint system for users claiming censorship and allowed the state attorney general to sue on an allegedly censored user’s behalf.”

But the courts think it’s unfair to stop liberal companies from censoring conservative views.

A federal judge has blocked a Texas law that aimed to limit large social platforms’ ability to moderate content on the grounds that it is likely to violate the First Amendment. The order, issued by a federal district court in Austin on Wednesday night, granted an injunction proposed by NetChoice and the CCIA that puts the HB 20 law on hold until the conclusion of the case.

“HB 20’s prohibitions on ‘censorship’ and constraints on how social media platforms disseminate content violate the First Amendment,” determined Judge Robert Pitman in the decision. “Content moderation and curation will benefit users and the public by reducing harmful content and providing a safe, useful service,” Pitman said, explaining why the injunction was beneficial.”

We need HB20 across the country. If Facebook is going to be attached to just about everything then it needs to be unbiased.

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