FOX Kicks Trumps Supporters To the Curb

Fox News has been going downhill. They turned on Trump during the presidential election and called the race before the election results were even fully in. Now they are once again turning on conservatives, in their refusal to run an ad for big-time Trump supporter and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell. But Lindell is not going down without letting everyone know.

” Mike Lindell says he’s pulling all of his advertisements from Fox News after the network refused to run a spot for his “cyber symposium,” which he claims will provide enough proof of industrial-scale election fraud to propel the former president back into office.”

I am pulling everything!” Lindell said. “Fox [News] denied the [cyber symposium] ad, and they based it on ‘pending litigation.'”

We sent it to ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and even CNN,” Mike said. “We’re not running it on MSNBC or CNN because they charge too much for their small audience, but the ad is running on all of the major networks,” the My Pillow CEO explained, adding, “The ad’s been on over 5,000 radio and TV stations nationwide, but Fox News refuses to run the ad!”

Fox News replied with this reply that showed how much they don’t seem to care.

It’s unfortunate Mr. Lindell has chosen to pause his commercial time on FOX News given the level of success he’s experienced in building his brand through advertising on the number one cable news network,” the spokesperson told Salon. ”

The MyPillow Ad Fox News refused to run:

Fox News used to cover Trump’s every move when he was in office. It’s just now that he is not in office, that he has lost favor with the supposedly conservative network. As you can see from the video, there was nothing wrong with this ad, Fox should have run it, every other network ran it without a problem. But at least now we know how Fox truly feels about their base.

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