Gingrich Reveals Who’s Really Running The Show

Sadly, by this point, we have all seen Biden fumble all over the English language in his attempts to speak his native tongue. The man should never have been allowed to run for president. It’s not healthy for him or the American people. It has gotten so bad that he now seems to require a babysitter if he is going to answer questions. His wife had to translate for him during a Univision interview and his staff is doing their best to keep him away from any sort of press, as they don’t want him answering unscripted questions. This is just the unacceptable state our country is in, all because we let Dems nominate a man that was clearly senile. During an appearance on Fox & Friends, former Rep Newt Gingrich commented about Biden and how he felt that he is by no means running the country.

NEWT GINGRICH: “When you’re dealing with a president who forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense and forgets the name of the Pentagon?  … I think we really underestimate the degree to which he’s detached from reality and the degree to which people will, later on, look back and say, gosh, there were terrible consequences, why didn’t we know better?

I really do think this is becoming the ‘Harris-Biden’ administration and you can tell that every time you see him in public. Why would you think that he’s dramatically better in private than he is when he can’t take any questions in public, he can’t remember what he’s talking about, he can’t remember his own nominees. My assumption is he is a very minor force inside that building and that the White House is increasingly run by Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Harris has been talking to world leaders on her own now and Dems seem to be getting everything they want, whether it be through bill add-ons or Biden’s executive actions. The current administration and setup in the houses are practically a Liberal wet dream. Biden accidentally let the cat out of the bag the other day, when he told Pelosi he would do whatever she needs before the broadcast was quickly cut, and that statement was very telling.

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