GOP Rep Warns Putin Also Has This Weapon

As tensions rise over the potential conflict over Ukraine, GOP Rep Claudia Tenney points out that Putin has more than his military in this conflict. Putin could easily threaten to withhold energy from our allies if they stand against him when it comes to this Ukraine conflict.

Putin is putting all his ducks in a row so he doesn’t have to use any kind of force,” Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney said. “He’s using aggression by having troops around. He’s also using energy as a weapon. He’s hoping that Nord Stream 2 [pipeline] comes through.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s solution is to meet with Qatar about obtaining liquified natural gas, which many in Europe are dependent on and which is what Putin is using as leverage, said Tenney.

“While Biden supports more liquefied natural gas coming from Qatar, he is shutting down the Keystone pipeline, which made our country less energy independent, said Tenney. “We’re not exporting our fuel. We’re not growing our economy. We have high gas prices and inflation and a lot of that is caused by transportation costs and the cost of gasoline and fuel, and it’s a wrongheaded policy.”

“Why aren’t we projecting strength?” she added. “Why aren’t we building up our energy supplies and making sure that we are making partnerships in Europe and are being able to export to Europe our clean gas and our clean fuel?”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Putin was a former member of the KGB and worked in intelligence for 16 years. So he is not an adversary to take lightly. This potential Ukraine invasion could go more than one way. One of the big concerns that our European allies have is the energy they already receive from Russia, as well as their latest project Nord Stream 2, which was supposed to supply even more natural gas and crude oil to Europe. So supporting Ukraine is by no means a simple choice for our European allies, since Putin could easily turn off the pump

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