GOP Senator Bashes Biden For Putting A Target On Our Back

Biden must have been one of the worst possible picks for president. He has been messing up the country non-stop since he took office. He clearly has some form of dementia, so he has stumbled on conusing topics like his name and what office he is in… Senator Blackburn called Biden out for his recent Afghanistan blunder and pointed out that the world is far more dangerous because of the decisions Biden has made so far. Blackburn did so during interview on Newsmax.

“We want to make certain that every American comes out of there, that our NATO partners, our Afghan allies, SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) holders, the SIV applicants get out of there, that their lives are spared,” Blackburn started. “Now, I know for Joe Biden and his administration, 90% is good enough. Leaving 10% behind is good enough for him.”

“That I think is something that should trouble every single American. It should also trouble them that 20 years to the day of 9/11 and these remembrances the Taliban will be installing their government.”

“And What has happened in those 20 years, is, God bless the men and women in uniform that gave those 20 years of freedom from these terrorist attacks,” Blackburn said. “They gave the sacrifices that they have made, but the war on terror started and that war continues.

“Because now the Taliban, the people that were carrying out this ideology of terrorism, al-Qaida, ISIS, the Taliban, they now have a country, a nation-state where they can go, they can harbor, and they can have safe haven. They can cook up their terrorist plots. And they can do it saying this is the Islamic Emirate and we’re in charge.”

Blackburn later explained that she felt the whole Administration should resign.

“I think that their actions have been intentional, or why would they have decided to pull our military out?” said Blackburn. “Why would they have changed the exit and withdrawal plan?

“But here’s the thing. They cannot tell you how many Americans are left there. I’m guessing they can’t tell you how many of the SIV holders are left. They’re guessing on that, and they should have taken care of these details before they decided. What they’re doing is basically running a PR campaign [while] trying to cover their tracks because Americans are left.”

“Our NATO allies are furious with this administration and how they’ve conducted this,” the Tennessee Republican said. “Our enemies do not fear us … our enemies are emboldened. The Taliban does not fear us. They now are in charge of a country and they are going to run their operations from that country. The world is less safe because of Joe Biden and the decisions that he has made.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

She’s right, Biden’s performance so far has put a target on us and has encouraged our enemies to act. It seems likely that due to Biden’s behavior China will soon attack Taiwan, Russia will soon over Ukraine, and our other adversaries will perfect their nuclear weapon program. And it looks Biden is going to let it happen.

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