Gov Abbott Lays Down The Law Enacting Operation Steel Curtain

We need more leaders like this across the country. Biden has been failing the country big time when it comes to the border and he basically refuses to do anything about it. He put Kamala Harris in charge of it and she appears to be just as useful as Biden, just more awkward with her cackle. So Gov Abbott is doing for American what our president refuses to, he is trying to secure the border. Abbott has enacted Operation Steel Curtain, which is his best attempt to secure our border with limited funding.

Last week Governor Abbott announced the use of shipping containers to create a steel wall next to the international bridge at Eagle Pass. Migrants crossing into Texas have shifted from Del Rio over to Eagle Pass in recent days. Operation Steel Curtain, a part of Operation Lone Star, uses dozens of steel shipping containers as a physical barrier and Department of Public Safety troopers lining the banks of the Rio Grande as manpower.

Operation Lone Star is a massive operation that Abbott began in March to provide supplemental border security and thwart human traffickers and drug cartels, The operation utilizes air, ground, and marine tactical border security units. Back in March, the writing was on the wall that the Biden administration has no intention of securing the southern border, and essentially, Texas is on its own. Never mind that border security is a federal obligation. The Biden border crisis is allowed to continue because of the administration’s unwillingness to protect the sovereignty of the United States. No other country would allow a constant invasion by illegal migrants on its border numbering over one million and not put a stop to it.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

Texas should not have to stand alone in this. Protecting our border should be a federal matter. Biden should be doing something about the crisis he created. But sadly this is all we’ve got, until a leader that cares more about Americans than illegals gets in.

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