Gov Newsom Gives Retailers An Ultimatum: Cater To The Left Or Else…

Californians just don’t learn. I don’t know why they gave Newsom another chance, but they did when they failed to boot him in the recall election. So now he is forcing retailers to cater to the left or face a fine. Newsom’s latest law makes it so stores that sell toys need to have a gender-neutral section.

California became the first state in the nation Saturday to adopt a law requiring large retail stores to provide gender-neutral toy sections under a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The new law, which takes effect in 2024, says that retail stores with 500 or more employees must sell some toys and child-care products outside of areas specifically labeled by gender. Retailers can continue to offer other toys and child-care goods in traditional boys and girls sections if they choose to.

Newsom offered no comment on the bill signing, one of several announced in the final batch of legislative actions weighed for the year.

Assembly Bill 1084 continues a gradual shift in the retail industry away from strictly marketing children’s products under traditional gender stereotypes, said Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell), who introduced the legislation. Target dropped boys and girls toy sections in 2015, and other retailers have since moved away from gender-specific labels.”

Clothing will be unaffected, but the law will affect toys and any “childcare items” intended to aid sleep, relaxation, feeding, teething, or sucking.

In its wording, it said the changes would help consumers spot “unjustified differences in similar products” and tackle gender bias in children’s products.”

Retailers that fail to comply with the new law will be subject to minimal civil penalties of $250 for a first violation and $500 for additional violations.”

This is government overreach at its finest and it’s worrying as to what Newsom will demand next. Stores should have the ability to sell things as they like. The government should not have a hand in marketing. It is insane that stores in California will have to have this gender-neutral section or pay a hefty fine.

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