Graham Calls Out Biden’s Horrible Record On Foreign Policy

Dems are trying to ram through as much Leftist legislation as possible, whether it be through executive actions or Dem majority Houses. The infrastructure bill is just the unfortunate flavor of the month, that has next to nothing to do with infrastructure. But as Biden backs all of this liberal garbage the MSM has his back and are claiming he is moderate. Sen. Graham is sick of the B.S. and sick of Biden making us look weak. He said as much during an appearance on Hannity.

Hannity: “He didn’t talk about court-packing; he didn’t talk about ending the legislative filibuster; he didn’t talk about D.C. statehood; he didn’t talk about what’s really radically going on in terms of the power grab, even though he said during the campaign, ‘I supported none of these things.’ I saw a weak Joe Biden tonight, a dull Joe Biden, not the guy that you knew years ago.”

Graham: “Yea, really, I saw a socialist tonight. I saw a socialist. What did he tell us? To save American families we’re going to grow the government. The bottom line now is ‘infrastructure’ is about climate change; it’s not about roads and bridges, and he talked about Russia and China in terms that were really unnerving to me. Do you think, after listening to Joe Biden tonight, that anybody at the Kremlin is worried? Do you think the Chinese have any fear in them after hearing his speech tonight? It was incoherent on foreign policy. He talked about leaving Afghanistan as if there’s no consequences to leaving. He turned down sound military advice. This is the same Joe Biden that allowed ISIS to come back by leaving Iraq. You just wait and see what happens.”

Graham concluded, “The bottom line tonight: If I ever hear that Joe Biden’s a moderate again, I’m going to throw up. Because after tonight, he embraced socialism. He made Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Biden has been making us look weak. That’s why all of our adversaries have been mobilizing. Iran is making the ingredients for atomic bombs, Russia just called our bluff in the Black Sea, and China is building up their military as they threaten to take over Taiwan. But the MSM and Libs claim everything is going great under Biden.

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