Greenwald Sets Warmongering Dems ON FIRE As Ukraine And Russia Enter Peace Talks

As the 2024 election approaches, Democrats are becoming increasingly worried that former President Donald Trump will gain enough support to beat out current President Joe Biden. Journalist Glenn Greenwald, appearing on “Tucker on Twitter”, recently told Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, “I think what they’re trying to do is to put pressure on the Democrats and Biden to say, ‘look, you’re – this is serious now. Like it doesn’t seem like you have any chance of winning.’”

Trump has gained considerable traction among voters in the months after he announced his intention to run for presidency again, and recent polls show Biden trailing the former Republican president by two to eight points. This scare tactic employed by the media is a reflection of their fears that Americans have completely lost their faith and trust in many institutions, something that would likely lead to a Trump victory.

While the majority of Biden’s 2020 win came from non-white voters, recent surveys show an overwhelming number of them expressing their concern over Biden’s age. This sentiment is especially worrying to Democrats; an alarming 76% of respondents in a Monmouth University poll believed Biden to be “too old” to be president in 2024.

These apprehensions have been echoed by Democrats around the country, who have alleged the White House is failing to effectively communicate with their constituencies. While Trump may be portrayed as a “white nationalist” and “racist” by various corporate media outlets, he is still managing to gain a wide range of support—including among minority groups. This seems to indicate that these Americans don’t trust the media’s claims.

Given the numbers and public opinion on both candidates, it is not surprising that the thought of a Trump victory in 2024 is causing such panic among the Democrats. Greenwald offers a sobering thought to this conversation, saying, “And that is the good news that these institutions where people have lost faith in, deserve to have lost their faith and trust. They deserve that contempt and hatred they provokedand it’s good that Americans are recognizing that and it’s good that those people there, even though they’ll never question whether they are to blame, are also starting to see that nothing they say really matters and makes a difference any longer.”


The current election cycle presents an uncertain future for the Democrats, and it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s chances of winning the election are far from impossible.

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