‘I Still Have Hope’: Kari Lake Responds As Asst AG Investigates Voting Day Disaster

Republican Kari Lake says she still has hope after election days disasters leave Arizonans still confused. Some 60 voting stations experienced issue on election day and as a result, the state is left wondering if the final counts are accurate.

Arizona’s assistant Attorney General is investigation what went wrong. With the race so close, Lake says she can still win this.

“I still have hope that we’re gonna win this. I want you to know that. This is not hyperbole. This lawsuit that we will be dropping is going to be devastating. I believe we will win this,” Lake told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on an episode of his podcast, the War Room.

“You’re gonna win this,” Bannon assured.

“This is their absolute plan and it’s up in broad daylight and somebody’s gotta call it out. This stinks to high heaven and everybody’s going to be held accountable for this,” Bannon said.

Kari Lake to Steve Bannon: “I still have hope that we’re gonna win this.”

Bannon: “You’re gonna win this.”

Bannon went on to argue that Lake’s loss to Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs was illegitimate.

“They have disenfranchised Kari Lake, the citizens of Arizona, and disenfranchised the deplorables,” he added.

Hobbs emerged victorious after a very tight race with Lake as ballots were still being counted multiple days after Election Day.

Arizona’s assistant AG is currently investigating multiple claims of issues at the polls on elections day. Including 60 voting stations with printing errors.


“Arizonans know BS when they see it,” Lake tweeted after the outcome was declared by multiple outlets, implying that she was not yet ready to concede. Hobbs secured 50.4 percent — a total of 1,266,922 votes — to Lake’s 49.6 percent — a total of 1,247,428 votes — with 98 percent of the votes counted, according to the Associated Press.

As of right now, it looks like Democrat Katie Hobbs has won by an extremely small margin. It’s unclear as of right now what’s next for Arizona.

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  1. At this juncture its clear to me whats happening to Arizona our votes do not count. THey are ignored and they are trying to install a governor as they installed a president in 2020. THats why Joe Biden didn’t have to campaign and neither did Katie Hobbs. And Hobbs was in charge of our election and the Republicans really didn’t fight it. If that were reversed the Democrats would never have stood for that. Hobbs would have to recuse herself or the Democrats wouldn’t let the election continue. And more credit to them thats how it should be handled.

  2. Come on media you know you people are lying to help democrats! There NO Way HOBBS SHOULD BEEN ALLOWED TO RUN. SHE HAS REFUSED TO RESIGN FROM SECRETARY OF STATE JOB. Read the laws! She not allow to hold another position and run for governor! That plan and simple put into the laws! The only reason she refused to resign was to be sure she won! And then placed BILL GATES IN THE SECRETARY OF STATE SEAT! Or someone who she knew would say she won!

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