Illegal Migrants Complain About Housing In NY, Refused To Stay Without ‘Television’

An illegal migrant couple, Ronald and Franyenlin Castillo, have had the audacity to complain that the taxpayer-funded shelter they were offered in New York City did not include a television. According to the NY Post, the couple was being transported to Floyd Bennett Field, a formally federal-owned military base, as a state-funded migrant shelter site, with multiple tents, outdoor bathrooms and showers, and regular transportation shuttles.

Yet, this couple refused the offer, claiming that it “wasn’t suitable there,” due to “not even a television.” This couple, fleeing their home country of Venezuela and with their three children under six years old, have decided that the most important factor in their situation is the availability of a television, rather than the safety offered by the government.

Franyenlin was quoted by the NY Post as overly-inconvenienced that the public officials guiding the process of transportation were “not willing to help [them]” after they refused Floyd Bennett Field. “They don’t want to help. They don’t want to show us anywhere else,” Franyenlin told the outlet.

These migrants are no better off than freeloaders. Instead of being grateful for the safety they’re being offered, Ronald and Franyenlin decided to complain about the features of that offer. This is a clear example of how these immigrants are taking advantage of American taxpayers, not being satisfied until their needs are met.

The city is spending roughly $1.7 million in monthly rent with a total cost agreement of over $20.8 million, just to house these migrants, most of whose movements are not regulated or documented.

It’s no wonder then, that when the city of Chicago proposed a new encampment to house approximately 2,000 migrants, residents at a Brighton Park neighborhood meeting rejected the idea and refused to support the housing of more illegal immigrants. People are fed up with the freeloaders taking advantage of their taxes and resources and are no longer willing to support the immigrants who come here without legal permission.


It’s all too evident that migrants like Ronald and Franyenlin are not trying to find ways to work with their American hosts. Instead, they are taking for granted the safety and resources offered to them, often expecting more than they are entitled to receive. Americans simply cannot accept this especially when we have so many homeless veterans out there receiving NOTHING from the government.



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