Illegal Rapes American And Witnesses Do Nothing

Despicable. This is what is wrong with America today. We have Americans like this who will witness a rape and then do nothing about it, or worse they will record it. The woman was only saved after a rail employee reported it.

Fiston Ngoy, a 35-year-old illegal alien from the Republic of the Congo, was arrested and charged with raping a woman on a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train on the evening of October 13.”

Officials say the victim is recovering despite surviving what SEPTA calls a “horrendous criminal act” that happened right around 11 p.m. last Wednesday.

“There were people witnessing the act with phones in their hands,” SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel said.”

Investigators say other riders did not help.”

“People were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked,” Nestel said.”

He also says no one called Philadelphia’s 911 and that it was a SEPTA employee who alerted police something wasn’t right.

“When the doors opened, an officer entered and saw what he believed was a criminal act occurring, ripped that man off of her,” Nestel said.”

Investigators say Ngoy ripped the woman’s pants off and proceeded to rape her for somewhere between six and eight minutes before officers boarded the train and detained him.”

Were they watching? I don’t know. Again, we’re still going through the video but there were a lot of people, in my opinion, that should’ve intervened. Somebody should’ve done something. It speaks to where we are in society. Who would allow something like that to take place? So it’s troubling but again, we’re working on that and we’re trying to identify anyone that we saw coming on and off the El at that time,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Tim Bernhardt said.”

Legal experts said unrelated passengers don’t have a legal duty to intervene under Pennsylvania law.”

Watch The News Reel Below. 

These witnesses should be charged as accomplices to the crime. If just one of them spoke up, the victim might have avoided the rape altogether. The state should also be held accountable for failing to deport Ngoy. His visa had long since expired and if they had done their job and deported him, this never would have happened.

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