‘I’m Concerned About The Lefties’: Self-Made Liberal Billionaire Chokes Up Live On Air [Video]

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Leon Cooperman had an emotional reaction Thursday when talking about his concerns for the future of America’s economy. Describing his own journey from the American Dream, the Wall Street investor expressed how he had started his career with no money but eventually achieved success.

“I’ve lived the American dream. I’m trying to convince people like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and AOC, don’t move away from capitalism. Capitalism is the best system. I get choked up when I talk about it because basically my father came to America at the age of 12 as a plumber’s apprentice. No education. I went to public school in the Bronx, high school in the Bronx, college in the Bronx,” Cooperman stated, his voice trembling with emotion. “I started my career in Wall Street the day after I got my MBA from Columbia. I had no money. I couldn’t afford a vacation. I made a lot of money. I’m giving it all back.”

Cooperman’s comments were in response to the host prompted inquiry about the stock prices of companies he is invested in, such as Microsoft. The billionaire’s main concern is that left-leaning politicians would turn away from the free market and capitalism system, instead opting for detrimental policies.

“Your concern —” the host replied.

“I’m concerned about the lefties. They don’t get it. What made me write the book is I have three terrific grandchildren, and I want them to understand the merits of capitalism, and I want them to be capitalists with a heart. I wanna see the system stay centrist,” Cooperman said, still composed and yet struggling to stifle his tears. “We have a very, very bad political system.”

Where the presidential candidates are concerned, Cooperman does not hold much hope. Furthermore, he confessed that he voted for Joe Biden against his financial interests in 2020, believing Trump’s policies were not for the good of the American people.


Cooperman understands his party has tanked under Biden but still seems to think that a magically Democrat is going to ‘come out of the woodworks’ and save the day. I feel for the guy, and he’s not wrong about the direction of the left, but he’s misguided in thinking that Democrats are going to save the day.

It’s not the party he knows—I don’t think it’s a secret but Cooperman seems oblivious to the fact that the left has lost their center. It’s become a party of left-wing radicals trying to keep up with woke trends. Right now, with the disparity caused by this current administration, the youth doesn’t stand a chance of obtaining the American dream like Cooperman and that has to change.

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