Ingraham Takes Lying Brandon To Task In Epic Rant

Political commentator Laura Ingraham scorched the bug guy after he was caught lying about the economy in his embarrassing ‘victory speech Tuesday. Biden claimed that he had defeated inflation amid a humiliating drop in the stock market. Ingraham snarked, ‘The numbers do not lie!’.

“I mean, this is catastrophic. Politicians lie, my friends, Ingraham explained. “You saw those numbers. The media outlets, they lie, but the numbers do not lie. Now, let’s take a look at recent history. Real-world median household income under Trump rose from $66,657 in 2016 to $71,186 in 2020.”

She continued, “That’s an increase of 6.8% in only four years. That was despite the effects of COVID, and remember, there was no inflation then. But now? By spending trillions on nonsense programs and printing hundreds of billions of dollars, Democrats and Joe Biden are robbing you blind. A new report just came out from the Census Bureau today saying that real median household income fell from $71,186 in 2020 to $70,784 in 2021.”

She pointed out that “the U.S. economy under Trump when we were shut down from COVID, generated better results for the average person than the U.S. economy under Biden — when we had a vaccine, and when the country should have totally reopened.”

Biden seemed unfamiliar Monday with the specifics of the massive spending bill dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act that Senate Democrats passed Sunday, saying it funds healthcare “and God knows what else.”


Moments earlier, Biden misstated the size of last year’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law while touring flood damage in the Kentucky hamlet of Lost Creek.

“We’ve never done this before, but because of a number of things we got done on a bipartisan basis — like a billion, 200 million-dollar infrastructure project — like what we’re doing today, we passed yesterday, helping take care of everything from health care to God knows what else,” Biden said.

“What we’re going to do is — we’re going to see, for example, they got to put a new water line in in the community,” the president went on, speaking without a prepared script.

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