It Starts…Liberals Are About To Make The Unvaccinated Second Class Citizens

Blue City Leaders are using the omicron variant as an excuse to make the unvaccinated second-class citizens. They are mandating vaccination passports that are going to limit the unvaccinated to church and the grocery store. They are removing the choice people have to take the vaccines or not. And the idea seems to be contagious.

DC will require COVID-19 vaccination at restaurants, gyms, entertainment facilities, and other indoor venues beginning Jan. 15, joining a growing list of major US cities to institute the requirement as the Omicron variant spreads.

The district’s Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Wednesday that patrons ages 12 and older at numerous indoor venues will be required to show proof of coronavirus vaccination to enter under new rules she plans to unveil next month. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters, museums, and gyms are among the places cited by Bowser. Grocery stores and houses of worship will be exempt. The businesses will be required to check vaccine cards or a printout, photograph, or app showing COVID-19 vaccination status, Bowser stated, noting that proof of a negative coronavirus test will not be allowed as an alternative.”

Boston has also mandated vaccine passports, just not for professional athletes.

Boston’s COVID vaccine mandate for indoor venues, set to go into effect on Jan. 15, 2022, will not include professional athletes.The wording of the vaccine mandate allows for “a professional athlete/sports team who enters a covered premises as part of their regular employment for purposes of competing” to not be vaccinated. It will apply to both resident and visiting athletes.”

Chicago is also going to be doing vaccine passports, and they explained that anyone found breaking the rules, entering almost anything but a church or grocery store, will be fined and/or arrested. Most of the vaccine passports don’t take effect until the new year. So there is at least one more week left for people to get out of dodge.

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