‘It’s a FAKE Story’, ‘Fake News’: Homan Shreds Positive Biden Reports [Video]

Former ICE Director Tom Homan shredded the Biden ‘iron dome’—aka the media saying, “it’s fake news’. They have been spreading glowing reports showing that Biden has has great success at the border when in reality we are still upside down.

A majority of Americans, 53%, say they believe what’s happening on the border is an invasion, according to a new NPR/Ipsos poll. Now that we are nearing the midterms Biden has finally made some small moves on immigration, in terms of finishing small sections of the wall. Then he basically developed his own version of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and released thousands of unaccompanied minors into the US.

Homan exclaimed, “I got a few numbers here. Issues of detainers by ICE for criminals, down 46%. Removing criminal aliens from the country, down 48%. The arrests of criminal aliens, down 63%. And the Center for Immigration Studies gave a number yesterday, which is devastating. In 2020, the last year under Trump, they arrested 65,000. And these are people that are dangerous: drugs, assault, sex, assault, robbery, homicide, kidnappings.”

He continued, “They arrested 65,000 of them. Under Biden, they arrested 5,900. So the arrest numbers are down 90%. You add to that ICE releasing 14,000 criminals to the street last year because they were told to by DHS. … ICE has been decapitated. Their numbers are atrocious. They’ve arrested less people than I’ve ever seen in the history of this agency.”


The media really has become an ‘iron dome’ for Biden and just like the dome in Isreal, they’ve shielded him from criticism and defended his poor policies to the detriment of their own viewers. Biden has breathed new life into Obama’s DACA program and released thousands of unaccompanied minors into the US to God knows where.

With Democrat’s creepy child-grooming record, I hope someone is keeping tabs on those poor kids. Someone besides Democrats. While they may not belong here in the US, Biden’s new world is a dangerous place for kids and I wouldn’t be surprised if this new move isn’t creating a “business opportunity” for sickos.

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