Japan Warns Their Residents Abroad To Stay Away From…

It’s odd this is not a bigger deal. Japan is telling its residents that they need to stay away from western establishments while they are in Southeast Asia because there have been threats of a possible terrorist attack. Is this what it looks like when your government cares?

On Monday, Japan’s Foreign Ministry warned its citizens against possible terror attacks in six Southeast Asian countries – Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar. They encouraged its citizens to avoid crowded places and any “Western-owned” facilities such as hotels and restaurants, and religious sites.

According to the Japanese ministry, it had obtained information that “there are increased risks such as suicide bombings.”

The advisory caused confusion in several of those countries. The embassy said in a statement, “We issued a warning to alert Japanese people residing in some Southeast Asian countries, but we cannot disclose the source.”

Tanee Sangrat, spokesman for Thailand’s Foreign Ministry, said Japan had not revealed the origin of the warning and that the Japanese Embassy had no further details other than to say it was “not specific to Thailand.”

Thai security agencies have no information of their own about a possible threat, said deputy police spokesman Kissana Pathanacharoen.

Similarly, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said it was not aware of any information about an elevated threat level, while Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah denied that any warning was even sent to Japanese citizens there.”

This is how it is done. You warn your people to stay away or get out of Dodge well before anything happens. Then they don’t have to rely on the government to evacuate them, and they are not going to get stranded. If only Biden was serving the American people, then he might be interested in border security, and the welfare of Americans. But our government prefers to leave us with a practically open border and just strands Americans, choosing to prioritize foreign nationals instead.

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