Joyless Behar Claims Fake News On Violent Liberals, Calls Victims Liars

The left has increased their violent strikes against pro-lifers, Supreme Court Justices, and Churches, but according to the cackling crones on The View, it’s all fake news. Joy Behar denied that the left has made terroristic threats and in doing so, called their victims liars.

Pro-abortion terrorists firebombed a pro-life Christian pregnancy center in Buffalo, N.Y. not two weeks ago, inflicting significant damage on the building and vandalizing the remains with their organization’s name.

Pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge, which has developed a reputation for resorting to violence, claimed responsibility for the attack, which left glass shattered and much of the interior of the CompassCare office burned and destroyed, CBN News reported.

Behar, and the whole crew, completely disregarded the assassination attempt against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just two weeks ago by a leftist extremist, co-host Joy Behar began the discussion by declaring “the Republican Party has become the party of insurrection, revolt, and violence. And they don’t make any bones about it anymore.”

And noting that the Democrats had their “DINOs” in the form of Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kristen Sinema (AZ), Behar outrageously suggested they’ve never had threats made against them from the left. “You don’t see us threatening their lives, the Democrats are not the party of violence. [Republicans] have become the party of violence!” she shrieked.

In reality, The View was part of the uncivil media machine that encouraged the kind of activity that opened Kavanaugh to the attack. And Manchin and Sinema have indeed been the target of hostile confrontations.

Behar continued her deranged activism by demanding people not vote for Republicans because “you will lose the country. I’m warning everybody, I’m afraid it’s true.”


The Supreme Court Tuesday again prolonged the wait for its opinion which is expected to overturn the federal right to an abortion.

Last month, Politico published a leaked draft opinion which indicated the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that established a federal right to an abortion.


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