Lib Climate Mascot Greta Thunberg Totally Stumped When Asked To Name One Policy [Video]

You would think that Greta Thunberg of all people would be beside herself now that Joe Biden is in office but apparently the tiny climate mascot hasn’t been programmed on how to handle the new situation. When pressed about what she thinks about Biden’s money-gushing pro-climate change plans, Greta could only say that sleepy Joe isn’t ‘doing enough’.

Okay… What would she want to be changed? She must know, right? Biden decided to take taxpayers’ funds and dump them into cash cows like the Paris Climate agreement but Thunberg says it’s not enough. “That’s not me saying that, that’s just black and white, looking at the facts,” Thunberg claimed.

Thunberg’s handlers haven’t told her what her new argument needs to be and that became apparent during her interview with MSNBC where even the host looked confused at her sideways answers.

I think it’s far to assume that Mehdi Hasan expected Thunberg to gush over Biden so he gave her another chance to answer. This time asking again what specific policies Biden needed to change in order to please the climate enthusiast:

“Is there a specific policy, or if he rang you up and said, ‘Greta, what should I do? I can wave a presidential magic wand executively. What should I do that I’m not?’ What would you say to him?” Hasan asked.

“Well, nothing, because that’s not democratic. I mean, an elected leader cannot do anything without support from voters, and I would not want anyone to do anything that would not have the support because that would be undemocratic, and democracy is the most precious thing that we have and we must not risk that,” she said. “So, what we need now is to raise awareness and create public opinion to treat the crisis like a crisis.”

A total dud, Hasan ended the segment because it simply wasn’t going anywhere and why should it? She’s just a kid, but this just goes to show that the programmed tot is lost without someone feeding her information.


I will give Thunberg this, it is wrong to lead a free country like a dictatorship. This is exactly how Biden and his merry band of Democrats, have run the United States since he took office. Between Biden’s tyrannical executive orders and Democrats pushing bills without allowing Republicans to have a say on these new changes- we’re currently living a Democrats dream.

Hopefully, all that will change in two years when voters get to speak for themselves and vote some of these loons out of office.

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