Liberals Throw Tantrum Over American Flag Display

It is customary to fly an American Flag on Memorial Day in support of the many Americans who have fought and died for our country. So the construction crew working on the parking lot at Central Connecticut University thought nothing of it when they flew an American flag on the cable of their crane. But Liberal students became triggered when they saw the flag and the looped steel cable. They claimed the loop was a noose and demanded the flag be taken down…

You can watch A Lib’s outrage below…

Ronald Davis, President of the New Britain NAACP said “Regardless of what someone else says about that, what I see, as a Black man? That’s a noose. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Take it down.”

“Their perception is mine as well, and it’s all of ours,” said Sal Cintorino, CCSU’s Chief Operating Officer. “We want to be respectful and understand when we look at that from afar it’s concerning. You can certainly perceive that as looking like a noose and so even though it’s a loop hook, and it’s a steel cable, we’re gonna lower it and we’re gonna remove it.”

The college responded to the outrage online.

“Absolutely agree. As soon as we saw the photo we called the construction company and ordered the cable be brought down immediately. The crane operator should be arriving any moment.”

This is just special. The crane cable has a loop on the end of it to attach tools to it or pick things up. It is by no means a noose. But somehow the NAACP got involved and the school chimed in also offended about the steel loop… This is a college campus, students go there to learn, and this school got triggered by construction equipment. Looks like they are definitely not teaching common sense there.

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