Looks Like It’s Time To Stop Drinking Budweiser…

I understand that businesses like to keep up with social trends in order to help sales, but this is definitely the wrong move. Budweiser has turned on reason and is now pushing a woke training on their employees. Employees will be forced to got through trans and critical race theory training. Are they trying to alienate half of their customers?

Another all-American brand, Anheuser-Busch, has jumped on the woke train. The maker of Budweiser, among other brands with a robust craft beer collaboration line, partnered with radical professors in education and humanities at Arizona State University to develop and implement a 15-module training program called “To Be Welcoming.” It is based on critical race and gender theory. According to a whistleblower, an e-mail from Chief People Officer Lindsay King announced the program on March 24, 2021.

In the letter, King uses typical language about an inclusive workplace and how diversity brings better ideas. This new curriculum follows “Psychological Safety” training for company leaders designed to “foster environments where our teams and perspectives can thrive.” The overall goal is “maintaining an inclusive work environment, one where every individual feels respected and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every day.”

“One of the first images sent to me with the e-mail was the Gender Unicorn. The Unicorn is a Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) production and was initially intended for school-age children. According to the organization’s website, the implementation of this curriculum has not been without controversy in K-12 settings. ASU incorporated it into the Anheuser-Busch training. It educates employees on far-left gender ideology that believes your sex is “assigned” at birth rather than a function of your biology.”

“The training also contains content on racial essentialism. It covers concepts such as systemic bias, denies reverse racism, and discusses equity, privilege, intersectionality, and microaggressions. Perhaps most egregious, it spends time discussing implicit bias and unconscious bias. ”

Companies are thinking they are staying ahead of the curve with moves like this. But transpeople are a tiny minority and most Americans don’t want anything to do with the toxic Critical Race Theory. So Budweiser is about to learn the hard way that they are backing the wrong horse.

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