Looks Like The Biden Admin’s “Leverage” On The Taliban Was Super Effective…

There are bad plans and then there are the plans that the Biden Admin comes up with, they are so bad that they have to be intentional. You can’t make these kinds of blunders accidentally. The Biden Admin botched the evacuation of Afghanistan so bad that our allies in Britain don’t want anything to do with us when it comes to military operations until Biden is out of office… The U.K. has been our closest ally forever now and they saw our screw-up in Afghanistan and said ‘I’m Out.’ The Biden Admin thought they had a good plan in place when they abandoned at least 100 Americans in hostile territory, Psaki claimed they had leverage on the Taliban that would keep Americans safe. The leverage was access to the Global Market… The Taliban, with the help of China, quickly proved the Biden Admin wrong.

The Taliban have declared China their closest ally, describing the country as their “principal partner”.

“According to the Islamist militia, China has promised to keep its embassy in Kabul open and will “beef up” relations, saying Beijing is “ready to invest in and reconstruct” Afghanistan.

“China is our principal partner and for us represents a fundamental and extraordinary opportunity because it’s ready to invest in and reconstruct our country,” Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the fundamentalist group, told Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“We hold in high regard the One Belt One Road project that will serve to revive the ancient Silk Road,” Mr. Mujahid told La Repubblica.

“Beyond that, we have rich copper mines which thanks to the Chinese can be brought back into production and modernized.

“China represents our passport towards the markets of the whole world.”

The Taliban just took six planes of Americans and SIVs hostage earlier this week… That leverage really was super effective huh. Can’t wait to see what other great ideas come out of the Biden Admin.

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