Looney Activists Claim Trans-Dominance Is A Myth

I guess this should be expected from people that don’t understand how gender works. Two trans activists claim there is nothing wrong with having confused boys compete against girls. Activist Raquel Willis and ACLU Deputy Director of Transgender Justice Chase Strangio, claim there is no such thing as trans dominance. But men DO dominate women in sports…

Strangio and Willis appeared on Yahoo Finance to complain about how Olympic requirements were less strict than our nations’ when it came to transwomen playing on female teams.

“Well, I think we have to back up and understand that there isn’t actually this major problem of inclusion of trans in the way that a lot of people on the conservative side are trying to make it out to be a problem,” Willis started.

“We need to be making spaces where everyone can fully be seen as themselves and be respected in the agent and bodily autonomy,” Willis said. “We can’t have these assumptions about people’s bodies. We got to let people play the sports, especially our youth.”

Strangio was then asked about Laura Hubbard participating in the upcoming Olympics as a female weightlifter.

“I think it is absolutely fair to have transwomen and girls competing in every level of sport, which we have had for decades. So, For example at the Olympic level, which is the most elite level of sporting competition, transwomen and girls have been eligible to compete for decades. Laura will be the first transwoman to ever qualify. Her current statistics do not even put her at medal contentions. So the idea of trans-dominance is completely overblown, it’s a myth. Transwomen have not even qualified for the Olympics up until this point.”

Strangio then went on to claim it was harder for a 4th-grade transgirl to compete in sports than an olympian.

Watch The Clip Below.

What the hell is wrong with parents? A fourth-grade trans… Is that a joke? Parents need to start taking care of their kids. No child should be trans in 4th grade. You don’t give in to the crazy, you get them help. Poor kids. As far as the Olympics, they are divided by gender. If a trans wants to join in they should come up with a new category, otherwise, it’s just not fair to women.

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