Loud Mouth Maxine Trashes Border Patrol: It’s “Worse Than What We Witnessed In Slavery”

Maxine Waters is always angry about something. But her Californian constituents must like her this way because they keep voting for her no matter how many lies or ridiculous things come out of her mouth. She is relentless, on one of her birthdays, all she could talk about is how much she hates Trump. But this time she is trying to convince the American people that Border Patrol is treating the Haitians worse than the slaves were treated during slavery…

What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery,” Waters said at a Wednesday press conference. “Cowboys with their reins, again, whipping Black people, Haitians, into the water where they’re scrambling and falling down when all they’re trying to do is escape from violence in their country.”

“I’m pissed. I’m unhappy and I’m not just unhappy with the cowboys, who were running down Haitians and using their reins to whip them,” Waters added. “I’m unhappy with the administration.

“We are following the Trump policy. He is the one that does not follow the Constitution and would not allow those seeking refuge to be able to petition to get into the country,” the California congresswoman claimed. “What the hell are we doing here?”

“I want to know, in the first place, who’s paying these cowboys to do this work?” Waters said. “They’ve got to be gotten rid of. They’ve got to be stopped. It cannot go on.”

“You got to stop this madness.”

But there was nothing remotely violent going on.

On Tuesday, National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto pushed back against claims of agents whipping migrants. During an interview with Fox News, Del Cueto explained agents are not assigned whips and the techniques used were within safety protocol to protect both the agent and the horse involved in the incident.

“They were not whipping anyone,” said Del Cueto. “They don’t carry whips. They don’t get assigned whips. What they do is a training technique that has been shown to them to make sure that no one takes over their horse. It was to protect the horse, to protect the rider, and to protect the individual that was trying to cause chaos and knock down that rider from that horse.”

Someone needs to pick up their grandma and take her back to the home. Waters is just so out there with her B.S. In this case, she is just wrong on soo many levels. First off Border Patrol is doing the best they can with Biden in office ruining border security at every turn.  They didn’t treat Haitians poorly, they are just so overburdened they can’t stop people from coming in and there is no room to put anyone anymore, whether they be migrants, refugees, or illegals.  And clearly, Waters knows nothing about slavery if she thinks border patrol is worse.

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