Mad Maxine Misfires Again Coming Down On The GOP For…

Someone needs to retire this blowhard already. Mad Maxine Waters is better than she used to be at keeping her composure, but she was unhinged almost the whole time Trump was in office. So she is far calmer now that Biden is ruining the country on a daily basis. Rep Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” with Jonathan Capehart where she found an excuse to call the GOP “worse than evil.”

“…Congresswoman Waters, since you’re the only member of the House on this panel and on the show right now, are the democrats going to hold onto the majority? How likely is it… in 2023 that you are going to be in the minority?” Capehart asked.

“Well, we’re working very hard and we know that they are taking every action they can possibly take to demonize us and speak to their constituency out there. That apology you alluded to, they simply know what they’re doing when they reach out to their constituency. They fire them all up. So the apology means nothing. As a matter of fact, she’s gone viral on that accusation. So, we are working very hard and we know that we’ve got to not only tell the people what we have done but how we have done it.”

She then bragged on the Dem for a minute before saying the following.

“The American people are going to be able to distinguish between us and them. In the final analysis, we’re going to win. We’re going to beat them. We don’t take anything for granted. We know that they’re evil. We know that they lie. We know that they don’t give a darn about facts and so we’ve got to overcome that with the truth.”

Capehart said, “They’re evil? I mean, that’s a strong word, congresswoman.”

“Worse than that,” Waters replied. “Worse than that. Evil. When you see the kind of attacks that you have talked about already, that’s constantly being made by them, that’s evil. I want you to know, I’m under attack also. They tried to censure me and we beat them back with the majority that we have. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene, I believe, has something up to expel me from the Congress of the United States. Can you imagine people with this kind of attitude and these kinds of actions and this kind of racism that they display all the time talking about expelling me or anybody else from Congress when, in fact, they shouldn’t even be there?”

Watch The Clip Below.

This is her usual shtick here claiming the GOP is the devil or racist but far milder than normal, maybe she is keeping up with her meds. But it would not be racist to expel her, it would be a service to our country to help stop Waters here from spreading her crazed ramblings.

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